Sleepless in Bangkok!

Hello from sunny Thailand!

Our first few days were spent in the madness of Bangkok. Unfortunately exhaustion kinda ruined my experience in this fascinating city!

We arrived in Bangkok after 24 hours travelling, through a couple of timezones at 2pm. Sadly, we didn’t bump into Captain Jack from Bangkok Airport (I did look very hard for him!) First things I noticed when I arrived – it’s HOT, a little smelly & very very busy! Bangkok’s train system is very good (puts Belfast to shame!) – just a few stops to our hostel Lub D in Siam Square. This hostel is class! Quirky, clean & a great location.


Lub D, Siam square! Free tea, coffee & a little guitar in the lobby!

I made the biggest mistake ever of sleeping when I arrived which totally messed my sleeping pattern up for the next few days (wakeups happened between 3.30&4.30am for the next 4 days!!!)

Jonny headed out sightseeing on our first full day with his Thai friend Keith. I very sadly didn’t make it..I probably would have passed out in the 35 degree heat with very little sleep!

On the Saturday we went to Chatuchak weekend market. This is one of the biggest markets in the world & that it definitely was!! We obviously got lost…in among the animal section. The smells & noises in here were just crazy! Wee pups for sale with diamante’s in their fur, 10 geese squeezed into a cage, mini owl babies, squirrels, hedgehogs, giant tortoises, insects, hundreds of thousands of fish etc etc. The “save the whales” in me could not cope with this!! It was pretty cool to see though…just a little terrifying!

On Saturday night we took a nice walk around the many shopping centres in Siam Square – the MBK centre is basically a MASSIVE version of Inn Shops, the Siam Centre is huge & full of my kinda shops (if I have any money left at the end of this year the contents of my backpack will be getting dumped and a shopping spree will be had!), Siam Paragon is full of designer shops that I will never be able to afford!


Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, MBK tuk tuk, outside Siam Paragon & MBK centre!

All the shopping centres have amazing food courts & if my jet lag induced crappy appetite had have been better I would have eaten everything in sight! We did have some pretty yummy meals though – curry chicken yellow rice from Curry Rice in Siam Centre was a definite favourite!


Outside the very pretty Siam Paragon!

Later on Sat night we ventured to the infamous Khao San Road! We were there quite early so it wasn’t as mad as I had been expecting! Had Singha’s in a roof top bar listening to a Thai guitarist play very Asian versions of Oasis & a variety of not very upbeat songs (Hoobastank, System of a Down, Metallica etc.) Expect to pay much more on Khao San than other places in Bangkok..they definitely up their prices for tourists! It was a good wee night finished with a nice McChicken sandwich meal from McDonalds! Oh & I can’t forget the 40/50mph tuk tuk ride from Khao San back to our hostel…


Khao San Road & a crazy tuk tuk!

On Sunday we chilled out in the hostel & booked our tickets to the islands! I’m writing this from a lovely little beach bungalow in Koh Samui – this is the Thailand I have been dreaming about! Oh & I slept to 8.30am this morning!!!! This is a major event!

Expect an island update in the next few days 🌅

Thanks for reading! E-speak soon x


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