The highs & lows of the Gili Islands & Kuta…

Our Indonesian adventure is over! And while I’m sad the Asian leg of our travels is ending, I’m not overly sad that our time in Indo had to end.

I’ll start with our 11 nights on the Gili Islands:

Gili Trawangan…
When we first arrived on Gili T I was in a state of shock. I knew that the water between Bali & Lombok could be rough but nothing prepared me for how rough it actually was. It felt like a rollercoaster and not an enjoyable one. The boat lifted off the water numerous times and landed with such a thud on the water again. People were boking all around me (and anyone who knows of my intense vomit phobia will know that this terrified me more than the bumpy boat ride!) I did have visions of us dying out there – Indonesia isn’t exactly well known for its safety standards 🙄 (a boat exploded doing this route not that long ago!!)


Freebird Express Amed - Gili T!

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Bali: Kuta, Ubud & Amed

👋 Helloo! For anyone wondering why I’ve been so quiet recently it’s because WiFi has been AWFUL!

I’m going to start this blog a bit differently…

Take 30 seconds to close your eyes and imagine what Bali looks like…

I bet you were picturing paradise?! Now imagine pretty much the opposite to that. That’s more likely to be your actual first impression of Bali!

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