New Zealand: Skydiving Lake Taupo!

Hey everyone! This blog is a very exciting one for me 😆

On Monday we made the short journey from Rotorua to Taupo. The main reason for our stop here was to do a skydive! Eeeeeek. Before I went travelling there were two things I was adamant I wasn’t doing. Scuba diving & skydiving… 🙈 Up until I arrived in NZ I still had no plans to skydive – why on earth anyone would want to jump out of a plane was beyond me. But when in New Zealand, the adventure capital of the world, I started to have doubts about my decision.

So, on Sunday afternoon Jonny made the call to Taupo Tandem Skydiving (the original tandem skydive company in NZ!) and we were booked in for Tuesday at 10.30am. And we were getting picked up in a hummer limo – may as well do it in style!

I didn’t actually start thinking about it until Monday night. My stomach was doing somersaults! Tuesday morning came and I really was peeing my pants. Why was I doing this?! Had I gone completely mad?! 

Our hummer arrived; we signed ourselves in on the iPads and off we went up to pick up the rest of the crazy people who wanted to be thrown out of a plane.

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New Zealand: Auckland to Rotorua

Kia Ora from New Zealand 👋 possibly the most beautifully scenic place on Earth?!


An actual photo taken in NZ!

Australia has probably been my favourite country so far. So leaving was really difficult. I instantly wanted to hate New Zealand as in my mind there was no way it could EVER live up to that epic road trip down the east coast. We arrived in Auckland and I could have cried. Where had all the glorious Oz sunshine gone?! How could it be so miserable only 3 hours away from sunny Sydney 😥

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Australia: Noosa to Sydney!

G’day for the final time from Australia 😥 it’s our last night in Sydney and we’re feeling ever so slightly depressed!

The last leg of our journey covered a lot of kilometres!!

When we got back from K’gari we had a couple more days in Noosa. We spent a day walking through the national park which is situated right at the coast so it was stunning. At the start of our walk we came across a snoozing Koala in a tree 🐨❤


It's a hard life being a koala...

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