Coming home: the food bucket list 🍴

What’s the craic?! It’s almost home time for us 😱 how is this even possible?!! It seems like yesterday that I was sobbing my heart out after saying my goodbyes on the way to Dublin airport.


A baby backpacker!

I thought that in preparation for coming home I would do a little bucket list to remind myself of all the things I love about Northern Ireland! When I started to think about this I realised that I missed good old norn irish food more than anything else (after my family & friends of course!)

So, this is really just a food bucket list…prepare to drool!

1. A dirty Norn Irish Chinese takeaway.
Whilst travelling around Asia I became more aware than ever that there is literally nothing authentic about a Chinese takeaway back home. Two Chinese girls we met in Laos had never even heard of honey chilli chicken. I’m 100% sure they have never eaten a curry half and half either. I pitied them, I really did 😂


HCC a la Google images!

If my first meal when I get home doesn’t include honey chilli chicken and a gravy chip then I will be going all Verucca Salt on my family. You have been warned 😈



2. All the bread. 🍞
Wheaten bread, soda bread, potato bread, Veda…it’s not until you leave NI that you realise how spoilt you are with all that carby goodness 😍


The best bread.


The best norn irish bread courtesy of 'Failed Foody' blog!

3. A chilli chicken pitta from Ramore.
Nothing excites me more than a trip up north to stuff my belly in the Ramore Wine Bar. Trips to the Port used to be a twice a year sort of thing due to the “long” one hour trip from our house. Travelling has totally changed our concept of time – after 18+ hour bus journeys through Vietnam an hour to Portrush will be a joy🚗💨 Oh, and dessert is a must while we’re here!!


The ultimate chicken pitta!


A trip to Barry's will also be included!

4. Andrea Garland specials.
The best thing about moving back home will be getting to eat my mum’s food every day 😋😋 Beef wellington and red wine gravy is the first home made dinner I will be requesting! Veg soup and lentil soup are also on the must have list. Just lay off the pork chops mum – I know it’s been almost a year since I ate your food but I still DETEST pork chops.

5. My Granny Dorothy’s spaghetti bolognese & rice pudding.
My Granny must have a secret ingredient in her spag bol because mine never tastes quite as good as hers 🍝❤ My love for rice pudding started at Granny D’s…so that is a must for dessert!

6. A chicken korma.
Just like Chinese restaurants, no other Indian restaurant around the world makes a korma like home. C’mon what are all the real Indian people at not making their korma like the Indian Ocean restaurant in Glengormley?!

7. Chippy chips 🍟
I got super excited when I saw all the fish and chip shops in Australia. I most efinitely enjoyed eating in them. But nowhere does chippy chips quite like home. They all seriously lack in the vinegar department! And curry sauce is never on offer either?! What is that about??


Look at those chips!!!

8. Wagamama’s katsu curry.
Thankfully Bangkok has a version of katsu curry otherwise I’d have went into a katsu depression by now. But I can’t wait to eat the real thing in Vic Square. Plus, I’m hoping my sister will be treating me to her BOGOF student discount special 😜


Maybe now I'll actually be able to use the chopsticks?!

9. Raspberry tarts.
I am obsessed with these little buns of creamy raspberry deliciousness. I didn’t see them once anywhere else in the world! I’ll have 10 for my homecoming please!


Just a little raspberry tart!

10. Boojum.
I almost forgot about Boojum!!!! We have eaten some awesome burritos this year but you guessed it – none were as good as those in good ole Norn Iron! I doubt Mexico has burritos as good as we do…



11. Suki tea.
I miss my little green tea pot and a cup of mango tango! I can’t wait to experiment with more Suki teas when i’m back!

Aaaand that’s all I can think of for now Please do let me know if I’ve missed any Norn Irish favourites!

See y’all soooooooon 😘 get the dinner on for my arrival 👌


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