Koh Tao: the end!


Yep. We are home! Although you probably all know this by now! I still can’t quite believe our year of adventure is over. But all good things must come to an end 🔚

Our final week in Thailand consisted of a whole load of relaxation, snorkelling, more relaxation, too many mojitos, and oh yeah! an engagement 💍

As soon as we arrived in Bangkok we got the sleeper train to Koh Tao – we didn’t want to waste a minute of island time! We ditched our big backpacks in a hostel so we didn’t have much to carry. We chilled with a Singha before heading to the train station. The train turned out to be a pretty horrible experience 🚂👎 we seemed to have got stuck in the noisiest carriage EVER! It was impossible to get a decent sleep. But knowing Koh Tao was just a few hours away made it a little more bearable.


Singha's at Lub D!

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South Africa: the final chapter!

Sawubona…Hallo…Hello for the final time from SA 👋 (well technically we’re in Thailand right now!) We have had a very busy month! I really can’t believe our time in South Africa has come to an end.

After Jonny’s parents left us we got stuck back into volunteering. There was a day of depression after leaving the luxury of the Dugong Guesthouse 😧

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South Africa: PE to Umkomaas!

Sawubona from Umkomaas 👋

I thought I would do a post to update you on our final weeks in PE and the start of our volunteer journey in Khanya hospice.

Our final couple of weeks in PE were very chilled. We made the most of having absolutely nothing to do!

We spent a lot of time here…



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Three Garly’s and a Clarke hit South Africa: Part One

Howzit from South Africa 👋 sorry for the long wait for this post – South African WiFi is possibly the worst we’ve experienced in 9months on the road (yep, even Laos has better WiFi than here!)

After leaving New Zealand we spent a couple of days recuperating in very hot & humid Bangkok! We didn’t do too much there other than chilling by the pool; eating lots; and almost getting our backs broken having a Thai massage (it was awesome!) It was so weird being back in Asia after 3 months away. I was back to being the whitest girl in town!


Our first taste of Christmas in the sun!


A very merry Bangkok Christmas!

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New Zealand: Franz Josef to Christchurch

Kia ora for the final time from the land of the long white cloud. How fast did those 6 weeks go?!

We are really sad that our kiwi adventure is over. Yes, we moaned about the weather  a lot but we still had the best time in beautiful NZ.

Our final week was a pretty tame one in comparison to the previous 5. And that was mainly down to good old mother nature ☔☔

After Wanaka we hit the Haast Pass to go to Franz Josef. This was yet another stunning drive.

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New Zealand: Queenstown to Wanaka

Helloooo from Franz Josef 👋

We spent the last week in Queenstown and it was a pretty adrenalin fuelled one! QT is definitely one of our favourite spots in New Zealand – I’m sure everyone who has been to NZ is with us on this one. It’s SO pretty & there’s just so much to fill your days with – it’s actually a little overwhelming knowing where to start when you first arrive!

After a very chilled night celebrating my birthday we moved onto our hostel – Sir Cedric’s Southern Laughter. It was certainly a massive step down from hotel luxury but it would do the job.

Our first full day in QT was beautiful. The sun was out & we were getting temperatures of 26°. Bliss! We made the decision to do absolutely nothing. We sat at the wharf and watched the world go by 🌞


How pretty is that?!

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New Zealand: Wellington to Queenstown

👋 Good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ night depending on what part of the world you’re reading this from 🌏🌍

After our epic skydive in Taupo it was time to move on. We drove a long 5 hours to Wellington. We didn’t schedule a lot of time for Wellington so all we had time for was a speedy visit to Te Papa Museum. This museum is without a doubt the best I’ve ever been to. And it’s totally free! They have an amazing WW1 exhibition focusing mainly on Gallipoli. The exhibits were fantastic – so many life like models; sounds from war; and lots of interactive parts! We loved it.


Gallipoli exhibition!

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