Koh Tao: the end!

‚úč Hiya from…NORTHERN IRELAND!!

Yep. We are home! Although you probably all know this by now! I still can’t quite believe our year of adventure is over. But all good things must come to an end 🔚

Our final week in Thailand consisted of a whole load of relaxation, snorkelling, more relaxation, too many mojitos, and oh yeah! an engagement 💍

As soon as we arrived in Bangkok we got the sleeper train to Koh Tao – we didn’t want to waste a minute of island time! We ditched our big backpacks in a hostel so we didn’t have much to carry. We chilled with a Singha before heading to the train station. The train turned out to be a pretty horrible experience 🚂👎 we seemed to have got stuck in the noisiest carriage EVER! It was impossible to get a decent sleep. But knowing Koh Tao was just a few hours away made it a little more bearable.


Singha's at Lub D!

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Sleepless in Bangkok!

Hello from sunny Thailand!

Our first few days were spent in the madness of Bangkok. Unfortunately exhaustion kinda ruined my experience in this fascinating city!

We arrived in Bangkok after 24 hours travelling, through a couple of timezones at 2pm. Sadly, we didn’t bump into Captain Jack from Bangkok Airport (I did look very hard for him!) First things I noticed when I arrived – it’s HOT, a little smelly & very very busy! Bangkok’s train system is very good (puts Belfast to shame!) – just a few stops to our hostel Lub D in Siam Square. This hostel is class! Quirky, clean & a great location.


Lub D, Siam square! Free tea, coffee & a little guitar in the lobby!

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