Koh Tao: the end!


Yep. We are home! Although you probably all know this by now! I still can’t quite believe our year of adventure is over. But all good things must come to an end 🔚

Our final week in Thailand consisted of a whole load of relaxation, snorkelling, more relaxation, too many mojitos, and oh yeah! an engagement 💍

As soon as we arrived in Bangkok we got the sleeper train to Koh Tao – we didn’t want to waste a minute of island time! We ditched our big backpacks in a hostel so we didn’t have much to carry. We chilled with a Singha before heading to the train station. The train turned out to be a pretty horrible experience 🚂👎 we seemed to have got stuck in the noisiest carriage EVER! It was impossible to get a decent sleep. But knowing Koh Tao was just a few hours away made it a little more bearable.


Singha's at Lub D!

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South Africa: PE to Umkomaas!

Sawubona from Umkomaas 👋

I thought I would do a post to update you on our final weeks in PE and the start of our volunteer journey in Khanya hospice.

Our final couple of weeks in PE were very chilled. We made the most of having absolutely nothing to do!

We spent a lot of time here…



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Three Garly’s and a Clarke hit South Africa: Part 2

👋 Here’s part two of our South African adventure…

Port Elizabeth
On our first full day in PE it was super windy. We went down to the beach but the sand was getting blown everywhere so we left and headed for a look around the Boardwalk. My dad raided Billabong as there was a 40% off sale on! And then we had our first cheeky Nando’s for dinner 🍴❤

The next day we went to Kragga Kamma Game Park to see some of the wildlife SA is famous for. We spotted two of the Big 5 – rhinos & buffalo! We even saw a little baby rhino which was SO cute.
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New Zealand: Wellington to Queenstown

👋 Good morning/ afternoon/ evening/ night depending on what part of the world you’re reading this from 🌏🌍

After our epic skydive in Taupo it was time to move on. We drove a long 5 hours to Wellington. We didn’t schedule a lot of time for Wellington so all we had time for was a speedy visit to Te Papa Museum. This museum is without a doubt the best I’ve ever been to. And it’s totally free! They have an amazing WW1 exhibition focusing mainly on Gallipoli. The exhibits were fantastic – so many life like models; sounds from war; and lots of interactive parts! We loved it.


Gallipoli exhibition!

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New Zealand: Auckland to Rotorua

Kia Ora from New Zealand 👋 possibly the most beautifully scenic place on Earth?!


An actual photo taken in NZ!

Australia has probably been my favourite country so far. So leaving was really difficult. I instantly wanted to hate New Zealand as in my mind there was no way it could EVER live up to that epic road trip down the east coast. We arrived in Auckland and I could have cried. Where had all the glorious Oz sunshine gone?! How could it be so miserable only 3 hours away from sunny Sydney 😥

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Australia: Noosa to Sydney!

G’day for the final time from Australia 😥 it’s our last night in Sydney and we’re feeling ever so slightly depressed!

The last leg of our journey covered a lot of kilometres!!

When we got back from K’gari we had a couple more days in Noosa. We spent a day walking through the national park which is situated right at the coast so it was stunning. At the start of our walk we came across a snoozing Koala in a tree 🐨❤


It's a hard life being a koala...

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Australia: K’gari aka Fraser Island

Here is my very special blog dedicated to the incredible K’gari (kinda pronounced like the name Gary!) aka Fraser Island I hope this post gives you insight into how beautiful the world’s largest sand island really is 😍

I’ll start with a teeny tiny bit of info into the background of K’gari and why I’m opting to call it this instead of Fraser Island! The Butchella people are the native Aboriginal people who lived on the island and knew it as K’gari. They believed that a female spirit was turned into the sand that makes the island. When Captain Cook discovered Australia he didn’t actually realise that K’gari was an island and he named it ‘Great Sandy Peninsula’. It was later discovered to be an island by Matthew Flinders in 1799. In May 1836 Captain James Fraser’s ship became shipwrecked just north of the island. A life boat took the people south where they ended up on K’gari. He and his wife Eliza were taken in by the Butchella people. James died reportedly of starvation but Eliza was nursed by the Butchella people. She was eventually rescued but when she tried to tell her story on the Australian mainland no one wanted to know. Good stories regarding Aboriginal people would not make good news at this time. When Eliza got back to her home in the UK her story changed and she made her fortune by reporting that the Butchella people had murdered her husband & were cannibalistic etc. Fraser Island was subsequently named after her. In more modern times the island was used for logging, however this no longer takes place as the island is now a World Heritage Site. The name K’gari is now officially recognised as another name for Fraser and I think it’s much more appropriate as K’gari means ‘paradise’ and that is exactly what this island is!

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