A slow boat & our return to the land of smiles…

Sawadee-ka from Thailand (again!) Sorry for the lack of updates recently – poor WiFi + a very busy schedule has delayed this one! I don’t know how people do blogging as a job when travelling 😮

Soooo let’s start with the slow boat. After my horrible sickness we left our guesthouse in a tuk tuk to the pier (I’ll also mention here the itchy rash that I left with which I am convinced was from bed bugs munching on me – boke!) From the pier we boarded our first slow boat. Thankfully for us most people seem to do the journey from Thailand to Laos so we ended up pretty comfy with very few people on board. We were able to rearrange the furniture (old car/van seats!) so that we could lie down for the majority of the journey – score! The scenery was beautiful along the Mekong river – no surprise really as I’ve already mentioned a trillion times that Laos is beautiful!

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