Koh Tao: the end!


Yep. We are home! Although you probably all know this by now! I still can’t quite believe our year of adventure is over. But all good things must come to an end 🔚

Our final week in Thailand consisted of a whole load of relaxation, snorkelling, more relaxation, too many mojitos, and oh yeah! an engagement 💍

As soon as we arrived in Bangkok we got the sleeper train to Koh Tao – we didn’t want to waste a minute of island time! We ditched our big backpacks in a hostel so we didn’t have much to carry. We chilled with a Singha before heading to the train station. The train turned out to be a pretty horrible experience 🚂👎 we seemed to have got stuck in the noisiest carriage EVER! It was impossible to get a decent sleep. But knowing Koh Tao was just a few hours away made it a little more bearable.


Singha's at Lub D!

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When travel plans don’t quite go to plan…

We have finally left Koh Tao after 4 weeks on our favourite little island. We felt ready to leave and excited for the next part of our adventure: Bali & the Gili Islands. However, leaving was still very sad 😥 it’s amazing how you can make yourself so at home when you spend a lot of time in a place you love!


Oh how we will miss this...

Before I go into what we got up to on our last few days I should explain why we were even still in Koh Tao (remember i told you we were heading to the Perhentian islands in Malaysia…)

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The Koh Tao Effect: my PADI Open Water experience & love for this island…

It didn’t take me long to work out why people love Koh Tao so much. You meet people here who planned to stay for 3 days and ten years later they haven’t bothered leaving (with the exception of visa runs of course!)


How could you not love that view?!

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