About us

The majority of you reading this already know us pretty well! For those who don’t ๐Ÿ‘‹ hello & welcome to 50 shades of freckles.

We’re Natalie & Jonny. Two twenty somethings from not so sunny Northern Ireland.


In 2014 we had a quarter life crisis. We realised we totally weren’t ready to settle down; we certainly didn’t want a mortgage; we were still waaay too young to be popping out any babies; and doing the whole adult thing of working 9-5 was getting a little boring. So, we applied for career breaks from our NHS jobs and our lovely bosses agreed to give us a whole year off to explore the world!

Our adventure began on April 1st 2015 and without a doubt our decision to travel has been the best we ever made.

50 shades of freckles is our way of keeping our lovely friends & family updated on what we’ve been getting up to on our trip. I also hope it inspires & informs anyone else who happens to stumble upon it. If you’re wondering “why 50 shades of freckles?!” it’s purely because we’re two incredibly freckly people when the sun hits our northern Irish (and ginger!)ย skin!

We hope you enjoy reading about our adventure โค